Sunday, July 26, 2009

Melanie W.'s Chicken Chipotle Nachos

These nachos were super tasty! At first I was worried it wouldn't be enough food to fill us up for the main meal, but I was wrong! As you can see, I made up a HUGE plate and ended up eating only half of it. I liked how cute the individual nacho chips looked, and I started out doing that by scooping the chicken mix onto each chip. But then I got hungry and impatient and decided to just glob on the avocado cream and mango salsa rather than add it to each chip. And it still tasted yummy!!
I had never made anything with chipotle peppers before, though I love chipotle! I need to add more chipotle recipes to our menus, so Danielle I just may have to get that cookbook! We like food spicy around here, so I threw in two peppers and still didn't think it was too hot. It was perfect. I loved the avocado cream and the mango salsa. At first I wasn't going to make the salsa but then I just happened to have both a mango and a red pepper on hand, uncommon for me! I'm glad I made it because the sweet mango was a nice compliment to the spicier chicken. Instead of fresh jalepeno pepper I just used a few slices from a jar. I like those better anyway.
I would love to make this again, but it's not something you can easily make when you're in a hurry as it took quite a bit of time to chop everything, prepare, and scoop onto the chips. I do think it would make an excellent appetizer for a gathering if you're looking for something nice and different.

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