Thursday, July 2, 2009


Ok, so now that I've had a day to shake off my frustration, I'm actually entertaining thoughts of trying this cake again, probably not any time soon but sometime.

The cake tastes really good and I'd like to get it to work out. Based on what I learned from doing it yesterday, I think I could get a much better result next time.

So for those who haven't tried it yet and are still willing to after my post yesterday, here are some things I plan to do differently next time --
  • Use less cream in the ganache frosting. I thought it was too runny.
  • Chill the frosting for a little while before spreading between the cake layers. Mine seemed to just ooze all out when I started laying the second and third layers on.
  • Either cook the caramel (to layer in between the cakes) for less time or add more cream. Mine was too thick to "soak" into the cake. Err on the side of not cooking it long enough instead of cooking it too long.
  • Chill the three cake layers in the fridge before assembling the cake.
  • To save time, I think I'll combine the two batches of caramel into one. The water, sugar, and corn syrup are the same for both batches of caramel. I'll boil it all at the same time, then split it in half in separate bowls before adding the different amounts of cream.
I hope you guys aren't all afraid to try it now. It really is quite a tasty cake, so try it! You'll like it!

Even if it's not exactly presentable...


Brandon, Whitney & Rachel said...

I am impressed with your motivation! This is one cake that I will not be attempting yet. I need some more practice. I think that you should send the picture of you in front of the cake (from your blog) to the author - they would appreciate it. :)

Melanie W. said...

at leat you guys have tried! I think it scares me now though. :) To be honest, I haven't even read through the recipe since I won't have a working stove for another week. And even then, I might not be in the mood to bake a hard cake!