Sunday, July 19, 2009

Melanie W.'s Peanut Butter Pie

(sorry for the glare in the picture)

Wow, talk about sinfully delicious!! This reminded of me of the Peanut Butter Mood smoothy from Jamba Juice. I've never had it, but it's supposed to be the most unhealthy smoothy in America. I think this probably even surpases it!! But this was really yummy. I'm also a PB lover, and wish I had thought of topping it with peanut butter cups like Deanna.
I'll start from the bottom up: I loved the cookie crust. I usually buy my crusts, but think it's must better to make a cookie crust. I didn't listen to Danielle's advice and I added the chocolate layer just as instructed. With the frozen pie it made it impossible to cut through the chocolate! I would rather not have any chocolate at all, or do what Deanna did and just use the fudge sauce instead. I used a tad bit less cream cheese than called for because it's all I had, but I don't think it made any difference at all. I loved the creaminess of the PB filling!! Yum. I also used the chocolate sauce, and glad I did. It was divine, though it hardened pretty quickly on the cold pie. I halved the sauce recipe and glad I did because I still have a lot left.
This was a yummy pie, but I don't think I'll be making it any time soon, unless I make it for a large crowd. I could only get through half a piece before feeling sick because it was so rich! And we still have a ton of pie in the freezer. Yummy, but surely not a good one for the waist line!

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