Monday, July 27, 2009

Danielle's Pear Plum Crisp

I actually saw this listed as the upcoming recipe last week, and I made it yesterday because I wanted to have it before Max left for LA (to take the bar, yay!).

If Melanie hadn't picked this recipe, I probably would've never made it. I'm not really drawn to cooked fruit type of desserts. But this was fantastic! The crisp topping was better than any I've had. The sugar was carmelized and perfectly crunchy. And the lemon and orange along with the cinnamon added a very nice flavor.

I couldn't find nutmeg, so I just left it out. I'm sure it would've been good with nutmeg, but I thought it was still perfect. I want to try this with other fruits, but if I make this with pears again, I think I'll peel off the skins. I didn't really like the texture of the pear skins in the finished dessert, and let's face it, I'm not really going for healthy here even with this fruit based dessert.

Overall, this is an excellent dessert and I think one that will come up again in my dessert rotation. And it was definitely one of the easier recipes we've tried. You can't really screw it up. It's a winner!


Melanie W. said...

I hope mine turns out as yummy as yours! One question: I only have quick oats. Is that what you used, or do you think they would work ok?

Danielle said...

I used my mother-in-law's food storage oats, so whatever kind that is. :) I think what I had was probably rolled oats, not quick-cooking oats.

I'm no expert on the differences between various types of oats, so I don't know if quick-cooking oats would turn out as well. I think it would turn out fine, but maybe the leftovers will get a little soggier.

Deanna said...

This looks yummy! I've been debating on whether or not I'll be participating this week as I am going on vacation Saturday and have been busy prepping for that. After looking at your pic, I've decided to bake this Friday night so I can serve it to my entire family when we have to wake up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to inhale before we leave for the airport. Hopefully, they will appreciate it instead of thinking that I'm trying to make us late!