Tuesday, July 21, 2009

LuAnn's Pie

That's right...this is no longer called PB Pie. It is MY Pie! I love PB and chocolate...and cream cheese and heavy cream are 2 of my favorite ingredients! I loved my THIN slice of this pie (it is sweet and my belly can only handle so much sweet).

Like Danielle and Cami suggested I added 1.5 tbsp. of cream to the chocolate. It was great...2 tbsp. would have been fine. I also increased the crust a bit (I used chocolate Teddy Grahams because that was the only chocolate cookie I could find) because the crust is usually my favorite part of the cake. I thought it was perfect! There is one more piece in the freezer and my mouth is watering.

I took this to a gathering with the Tuckers and Strongs (and one other U of C grad...can't remember his name) who are all out here in D.C. I felt bad that nameless grad was allergic to peanuts. I've also come to learn that Europeans are generally unaccustomed to the flavor of PB. So take note.

This pie will definitely make an appearance at my Thanksgiving dinner this year...if not sooner!

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hot garlic said...

Luann! I need an invite to your other blogs so I don't have to thank you for your sweet comment on this one! Thanks so much, so good to hear from you and muchos gracias lady.

And I love that you have your own pie now!