Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hyeyoung's Summer Chicken Wraps

I'm not sure where the last couple of months went, but I'm hoping to keep up with these recipes again. I have to admit that I haven't been baking as much lately, mostly because of the feedback I've been reading from others about how time-intensive some of these desserts have been, but also, Greg and I have been trying to avoid having an entire anything of something decadently tasty in the house...

That being said, I made Whitney's chicken wraps last night and it was a big hit. The hardest part of it for me was to remember to take the chicken out of the freezer the night before. And having done that, I liked that I was able to come home from work and get dinner on the table in about 30 minutes or so. Mine ended up pretty saucy, and while that as well as the parsley and pepper bits initially worried my children, they liked the chicken very much. We had ours with lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, black bean dip (from Trader Joe's) and cheddar/monterey jack cheese. If I had fresh salsa, I think it would have been good with it as well. Like Whitney, I also used the cook-it-yourself tortillas from Costco, which are awesome! (My sister who lives in Arizona got me hooked on these while I was visiting, so I was super excited when Costco in Chicago started carrying them). I'll definitely be making these again!

(And no, I did not take a picture of it since my visiting teaching companion was sitting in her car waiting for me while I inhaled my dinner in approximately 1.5 minutes.)

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LuAnn said...

Kudos to you Hyeyoung! Home from work (I'm guessing), dinner from scratch in 30 minutes and off to VT!