Monday, May 4, 2009

Whiteout Frosting

I made this frosting and put it on cupcakes from a white cake mix for my niece who turned 19 today and is visiting. There is really something special about this frosting! There is part of me wondering where the sweetness is that I am used to, but still knowing it is perfect the way it is. It is the same experience I had while eating a cupcake from Cupcake Jones in Portland, most favoritest ever cupcake place. But be not make this frosting if you are on a is loaded with butter. I think it could have done with a bit less.

Heading Cami's warning of runny frosting I let mine reduce extra long...about 20 minutes. Then I mixed it for a while to get all the heat out and then I put it in the freezer for a couple minutes. My butter was room temperature and mixed in well. I was worried about my white chocolate being lumpy because it didn't look like it was melting smoothly, but it mixed in well. My frosting was smooth and light. I put it in the fridge for a couple of minutes before frosting my cupcakes.

I was relieved to read your post, Cami, because I had just returned from Treasure Island and Village Foods...neither of whom had cake flour. TI usually carries it, but was out...should have more tomorrow. VF didn't seem to carry it at all. I got a white cake mix. The task of finding these special ingredients is kind of cramping my cooking efforts lately. It is rewarding when I find everything I need and make yummy food, but can be frustrating. Oh Walt Disney said..."keep moving forward."

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Cami said...

I am so glad you made the frosting. I'm definitely going to try it again. I think the butter temp. was definitely my problem.