Saturday, May 16, 2009

Melanie W.'s Chinese Chicken Salad

I thought this recipe sounded yummy and really wanted to make it even though it seemed like half the ingredients aren't available in Ecuador. So I did, but without the mandarin oranges, chow mien noodles, water chestnuts, and crasins. I also opted to leave out the sesame seeds because I didn't want to buy any.
In order to make it not so boring, I added some chopped almonds, regular raisins, and some celery I had lying around. I'm really glad I added these things. The raisins gave it the sweetness I thought was necessary, and the celery and almonds gave it a nice crunch.
Josh and I both thought the dressing wasn't strong tasting enough. Josh even added a dash of garlic powder. I should have gone easier on the oil, mine was a bit too oily. I think it would also taste good using a bottled Asian or even Italian salad dressing, to give it more of a kick. Overall, it was pretty good but I think it would have been even better if I'd had the mandarin oranges and chow mien noodles!

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