Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maren's Pancakes

This is my third pancake recipe to try, and it stands out for two reasons: it calls for butter instead of oil (hooray! I like the butter flavor better), and it has the two rising agents instead of just one. Also, I have a stove-top griddle and a finicky stove, so usually I have at least a few pancakes come out gooey in the middle, but this time I had not a single gooey pancake!

As if all those good things weren't enough, my kids (3 and 5 years) downed these pancakes like there's no tomorrow. I made the full 12-cake batch, and there were only 2 left over although my husband only ate one (he's not a big pancake fan).

I'll definitely be making these again--even after my pre-made dry mix runs out. :)

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