Thursday, August 5, 2010

Maren's Macaroni & Cheese

I, too, love a good macaroni & cheese (although I must admit the crunchy topping is not a must-have for me). But I do have a difficult time turning on both the stove and the oven at dinnertime (read: the hottest part of the day) in the summer, so I opted to make the Stove-top Mac n' Cheese. And it is definitely summer-friendly, because the only cooking you have to do is boiling the noodles. I've made many mac n' cheese recipes before but this one by far was the quickest. I did make a few changes to reflect personal preferences: I cut out an ounce on the cheese and used 10 oz. of noodles instead of 8 oz. (It's my opinion that the ounces of cheese should not exceed the ounces of noodles.) Even so, with the eggs AND the butter, it was still very rich. Which I don't mind, but it does explain why Mr. Brown thinks that a half a pound of pasta will serve 6 people.

The previous posts have mentioned that the baked-and-crunchy recipe was missing a little something--well, this recipe had a little too much of . . . something. Not quite sure what. It could be that I eyeballed the hot sauce. Or that I eyeballed the ground mustard (yeah, this is me feeling a little sheepish). So I'd definitely recommend pulling out the (appropriate) measuring spoons for those two ingredients. I did measure the salt, and it could even be that it was only a bit too salty. I'm usually not bad at pinning salt issues down, but this time I'm just not sure.

To sum up: for summer weather, this might be what I turn to when I have the macaroni & cheese craving, but during the cooler months I think I'll use my stand-over-the-stove-and-make -the-cheese-sauce recipe.

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Josh and Melanie said...

That looks yummy! I prefer stovetop mac n cheese over baked, so I'll have to give that one a try sometime.