Saturday, August 21, 2010

Danielle's Onion Dip

Cami, I love your onion dip picture! I wasn't feeling like taking a picture of my dip, but you inspired me to.

When I saw that the other recipe for this episode was homemade onion dip, I had to make it. I was hoping it would be just like some amazing homemade sour cream and caramelized onion dip we had at a restaurant a couple of years ago. This dip came pretty close.

I used low fat sour cream because that's what I had on hand. I'm sure the full fat stuff would taste even better, and the texture would've been better, but the low fat kind worked out pretty well.

I accidentally over cooked my onions (trying to do too many things at once -- gotta make the most of nap times!), but after picking out the burnt ones I actually thought it worked out fine. Besides the fact that I lost a small amount of onion because of the burning mishap, I agree with Cami that the dip could use more onion. I'll definitely use more next time. It seems like a lot when you're cutting it up, but they cook down a lot.

Like Cami said, this dip is super easy and fast to make. And I'm likely to always have the ingredients on hand, except for potato chips... I suppose having it with vegetables would be a much healthier option, but it's just oh so tasty on kettle chips! Anyway, this is a winner of a recipe, and I will happily make it again.

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Cami said...

Thanks! I like your picture too. And if I wasn't doing this Wellness Challenge I would have served it with chips. That sounds delicious. I'll just have to make it again after the challenge is done.