Sunday, August 1, 2010

Danielle's Flap Jacks

I have to admit that I didn't actually make these. Max made them while I fed our new little addition to the family. So any input about the preparation comes from him.

Melanie mentioned that these were easier to make than her other buttermilk pancake recipe. I'm not sure if she's talking about the Our Best Bites pancakes, but if so, Max agreed that these were easier to make (didn't require beating the egg whites). And it is nice to have the pancake mix handy for later.

These were delicious pancakes. I loved the texture and the thickness. I never thought I'd find a recipe that would replace the Our Best Bites pancakes, but this just might do it. I can't say that hands down, these are better. But since they are easier and just as tasty, this might be my new go-to pancake recipe.

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Josh and Melanie said...

Yep, I was referring to the Our Best Bites recipe. I love that recipe! But since these are slightly easier and just as good, they'll probably also be my go-to buttermilk pancake recipe!