Friday, July 9, 2010

More on Good Eats

First, I want to clarify how recipe picking is going to work with the Good Eats cookbook. Because the book is broken down by episode, we will be selecting episodes each week instead of specific recipes. Some episodes focus on one dish, but many episodes have two or even three recipes. You can choose to make any of the recipes included in that episode. We thought that would be a nice way to give everyone more flexibility in making something that appeals to them.

All the recipes are available on Food Network's website, but for the benefit of those who will be following the book, we want to limit selection to just the episodes included in The Early Years. You can find a list of episodes HERE. The Early Years goes through episode #611 (in season 6), "Casserole Over".

Additionally, I want to make a plug for buying the book. As Cami said, you don't have to buy the Good Eats cookbook to participate in the rotations going forward, but I strongly encourage you to! I've already learned so many interesting tidbits just from flipping through it and stopping on pages that catch my interest. This is no mere cookbook -- it's practically a cooking encyclopedia. But the information is presented in a concise, entertaining way.

I've been watching Good Eats for about a year now, and I've learned so much from it. The cookbook has a lot of the same useful information as the show. Alton Brown teaches a lot about how to shop for, store, and prepare ingredients. It really is a great resource!

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