Friday, July 16, 2010

Maren's Creamed Corn

Corn on the cob is one of the most delicious things about summer, I think, so the idea of creaming fresh corn was appealing to me, as well as being entirely novel. I never imagined that creamed corn could be something to get excited about until I read Danielle's post and the accompanying recipe.

I was lucky enough to find cob corn on sale yesterday when I went shopping, so I made the creamed corn recipe tonight. It was delicious! My husband quite liked it too. I halved the recipe, like Danielle did, and I didn't have any turmeric and also had to resort to a pinch of dried rosemary. My corn turned out kind of ugly since I had significant kid-interference and the bottom of the pan burnt and some of the brown got into the corn. But even that did not affect the tastiness of this dish. It's what I imagine the pilgrims' first Thanksgiving tasted like and now I want to eat it at Thanksgiving too, so I guess I'll have to try it with frozen corn this fall. :)

And although I adore eating corn straight off the cob, this was a nice change, while still getting that fresh corn texture and flavor.

(Sorry about double-posting--I'll try to be more organized next time.)

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