Thursday, July 29, 2010

Melanie W.'s Flap Jacks

Wow, another post, I'm on a roll!

When making these I exchanged 1 cup of regular flour for whole wheat flour. I thought the batter was a bit thick so I added a few extra tablespoons of buttermilk til it looked right and poured a little easier. Glad I did that, and they were still plenty fluffy and thick. I added blueberries to my batter and topped them with strawberries and syrup. So yummy! I only got 8 pancakes rather than 12, like the recipe says. Oh, and I didn't wipe the butter off the griddle beforehand, I thought that was a waste of time and paper towels, plus I kinda like the look the bubbled butter gives the pancakes. :)

We love pancakes at our house but I'm usually too lazy in the mornings to make them for breakfast so we often eat them for dinner. These were a little easier than the buttermilk pancake recipe I had been making, and they were just as tasty if not slightly better so I'll for sure make these again. I also like that I have more instant pancake mix waiting in my pantry now. I'll be able to whip them up in no time at all!

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