Thursday, July 22, 2010

Melanie W.'s Cornbread

I have yet to find a homemade cornbread recipe that I love. I was hoping this one would do it for me, but it didn't. It was a little dry (could be my fault), not sweet enough (even though I quadrupled the sugar), I don't like chunks of corn in my cornbread, or perhaps it was the strong rosemary flavor from my creamed corn, I don't know. For now I'll stick to my boxed mix (those little Jiffy boxes are great!)

Aside from increasing the sugar and decreasing the salt a pinch, I followed the recipe. If I were to go back and remake it I might add a little extra buttermilk, maybe it would have helped with the dryness? And, as you can see, I don't have a cast iron skillet so I cooked it in this glass dish. (but a cast iron skillet is on my kitchen wishlist!)

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