Thursday, June 4, 2009

German Chocolate Cake

When I first flipped through the Baked cookbook the one recipe I thought I absolutely had to try was this cake. Luckily my friend celebrated a birthday so I had the perfect excuse to bake it. I wouldn't normally make it for an everyday kind of dessert since it's pretty pricey and slightly time consuming but it was worth the one time splurge. So worth it.

A few changes I made:
- I used high quality semi sweet cocoa instead of dark cocoa.
- I used a cup of hot water with a few more tablespoons of cocoa instead of the cup of coffee.

I thought making the milk chocolate frosting (pg 60) might make it a little too rich but I liked the look of it from the picture so I made it. It was almost the best part of the cake, do not leave it out.

Sorry this is slightly helter skelter. To sum it up, if you love chocolate and coconut you will love this cake. You might need a little vanilla ice cream to counter balance it's richness. It's completely worth making but you might want to save it for a special occasion. Or at least for a time when you'll have several people to share it with.

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