Monday, June 8, 2009

Danielle's German Chocolate Cupcakes

Well, as you can see, I made cupcakes instead of a three-layer cake. And besides the fact that these took me THREE HOURS to make, I totally love them! I am not at all disappointed in this recipe. So tasty!

I like how the cake was really light and fluffy, but it was rich and moist too. And the coconut filling was perfect. I ended up using some leftover dark chocolate frosting I had from something else I made, so I can't report on the milk chocolate frosting.

Anyway, super tasty cupcakes and I imagine it would be just as tasty as a layered cake. Maybe I'll try it that way next time.


Cami said...

Oh my goodness, those look amazing! Let me know when you open your cupcake shop. Seriously.

Melissa said...

They look delicious!!

Valerie said...

So pretty!!