Sunday, March 15, 2009

Melissa's Bundt Cake

So, there will be no picture which brings me to my first thought on the recipe. Generally when I make a cake I use the approach of butter and flour to keep it from sticking. Well, this time since the recipe recommended and it is easier I "generously" sprayed it with nonstick cooking spray, and the result was half the cake in the pan and half on the cooling rack. Not a great picture, but when I close my eyes I imagine it looks like Danielle's. Anyway, I recommend using the butter, flour approach.

Once we tasted it Ned declared it was the best cake he had ever tasted and it was the kind of cake you get in the bakery. He is an easy audience, but I thought it was pretty tasty too. The first bite I could taste the root beer, but after that I felt like it had a bit of a salty taste and not so much root beer. I probably would have liked it to have more of a root beer taste given the explanation at the beginning of the recipe. I really liked the frosting, and agree that it made quite a bit. We are eating the left over on graham crackers one of my favorite snacks.

I am not sure if I will make it again probably only if Ned wants me to.


Hyeyoung said...

Have you ever tried Pam for baking? It's Pam, but it has flour in the spray, so when you spray it, it looks buttered AND floured. Love it! I hated getting my fingers all mucky to get the butter or shortening in the pan, especially bundt pans, so I was happy to find this, and even happier that it works well.

Danielle said...

Oh man. That stinks that your cake came apart! Did you wait till it was cool to turn it over? Yeah, maybe the butter and flour would've worked better, although mine was fine with just cooking spray. Oh well. Glad it was tasty at least!