Sunday, March 22, 2009

Danielle's Curry

So I forgot to take a picture of my dish. Go figure huh. But we had people over for dinner tonight, and I was caught up with just getting dinner finished in time.

Anyway, Max and I both thought the curry dish was very good. I noticed after we were already eating that I forgot to put a few things in (salt, lime juice, and cayenne pepper), but it was still very good. I put a little salt and pepper on the food on my plate and I thought that was an improvement. So I'll make sure to remember the salt next time (I'm not a fan of garlic salt so I'll use regular salt instead) and maybe I'll add some black pepper instead of the cayenne pepper (I don't think it really needed any boost in spiciness).

I doubled the veggies and added some extra broth (I used vegetable broth instead of chicken broth) to make it go farther. I also cut out most of the sugar. I tasted LuAnn's dish the other night and thought it was too sweet for my tastes. I put in just a small spoonful of brown sugar. I think my dish could've used maybe a little more sugar but not much.

Overall, I appreciated the simplicity of the dish - easy to shop for and easy to make. I always love a meal that I can get all the ingredients for at the produce market! And it was flavorful and tasty. Good pick Melanie!

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LuAnn said...

It makes me feel better that other people forget ingredients. At least you didn't forget the curry powder!