Saturday, June 12, 2010

Danielle's opinion on the banana cupcakes

I didn't make these this week because I've had way too many birthday treats and other goodies this week. I really didn't need a batch of cupcakes on top of that. But I figured I'd at least share my take on them since I did get to try Paige's cupcakes.

These cupcakes tasted like a lighter (maybe a bit sweeter) version of banana bread. So whether that's a good thing depends on whether you like banana bread. I love banana bread, so I thought these tasted great. Max also said they were really good, and he doesn't like a lot of banana desserts (although he does like banana bread). I wonder if the buttermilk would change the flavor much or if it impacts the texture more than the flavor. If I end up making these, I'll definitely include the buttermilk.

Paige's frosting was very good with the cupcakes. I love cream cheese frosting. But I am curious about the pastry cream. To be honest, I'm skeptical about how well it would turn out just from reading the recipe. It sounds more like a pudding than a "frosting". But I guess it would be worth a shot.

Has anyone else made these? If so, I'd love to hear how the frosting turned out.

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