Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cami's Banana Cupcakes

I was pleasantly surprised by these cupcakes. I love that they are relatively healthy and taste pretty similar to banana bread. I love the texture and the flavor. I followed the recipe exactly.

I was a little nervous about the pastry cream. I haven't ever made it or eaten it before and wasn't sure exactly what the texture should be. I couldn't imagine how something likened to pudding would stay on a cupcake. Well, it certainly worked and I love it. I kept the pastry cream in the fridge and we frosted the cupcakes as we ate them. I used a large spoon to scoop the cream onto the cupcakes and smooth it out.

The pastry cream isn't very sweet and it has an eggy undertone but isn't eggy when eaten on the cupcake. This is the perfect dessert for someone who doesn't really like sweet treats. I will be making these again. Actually I think I will make them for Calder's second birthday. I've been looking for something a little healthier but still a treat. This just may be it!

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