Monday, October 5, 2009

LuAnn's Creamy Shrimp Noodle Skillet

I made this and it was good. Jeff seemed to quite like it and Simon even ate some. I didn't want to buy a 32 oz. brick of Velveeta so I used some sliced version which came in 16 oz. packs. I was also skeptical of Velveeta, like Cami, but when she said you couldn't taste it I thought I'd give it a whirl...cause I like shrimp and I like pasta. But I have a few questions about this recipe. What are the advantages of making white sauce with Velveeta rather than just heavy cream. Is is supposed to be easier or is it for flavor or for texture? I personally like the flavor of shredded Parmesan in my white some I'd rather use that. Also, why does it call for half-and-half rather than heavy cream? Would half-and-half thicken without the Velveeta? Do you think this recipe has less fat? Anyway...there are a handful of ways to make white sauce and I've never heard of this one so I'm wondering what the advantages are. What do you all think? Did anyone else wonder? All in all a good recipe. Oh...and I made 1/2 a batch it served 2 1/2 mouths generously for 2 meals.

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