Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Whitney's Baked Brownies

This is my daughter, Rachel, and she said, "mmmm..." after she tried it! I thought they were pretty good. I liked the texture and the taste, but I couldn't help compare it to a $2 (on sale) box of brownie mix, which saves me time and money. However, if I need a good brownie-from-scratch recipe, then I'll come back to this one. Whenever I ate one, it seemed to feel a little greasy (hello, probably the butter) after devouring one, so I felt a little guilty eating more than 1, but they're brownies and you gotta live a little, right?! My only regret is that I didn't have any more vanilla ice cream in the freezer to eat with the brownies - my favorite!

p.s. Our furnished condo does not have a wonderfully furnished kitchen (i.e., had to buy measuring cups, spoons, a broom, and has only 4 bowls, 3 plates, you get the picture) so my cooking is still somewhat limited, so I'll only be popping in every once in awhile. But everything is looking very delicious!

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Valerie said...

Oh, she's a cutie!