Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet Potato Mash Crash

I had a failed attempt at the "mash" with tonight's dinner (pork instead of lamb since it was already in my freezer). I cooked the vegetables at 350 for a couple hours, and by then I felt like the veggies had shriveled and the outside had become overly cooked/firm. (Wouldn't recommend the baby carrots, which is all I had in my fridge.) I increased the temperature to quicken the process. It went downhill from there ... not having a masher and a $5 hand mixer were part of the problem, but I felt like the veggies weren't soft enough inside and that the outside had become too tough to mix easily. What went wrong? Please share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks.


Danielle said...

Sorry it didn't work out!

Did you brush your veggies with oil before roasting them?

I think that may have been too long for that temperature. The recipe says they will cook in 45 minutes at 375, so I think 2+ hours at 350 might be too long.

By the way, did you bake them by themselves or with the pork?

Brandon, Whitney & Rachel said...

Ok, you're right about the temp ... I must have read it wrong. (Sidenote- that recipe was so hard for me to read and follow, just not very clear I guess).

I should have used more oil than I did and I baked them by themselves for awhile then added the pork at the end. Ah well!

Danielle said...

You're right. The recipe was kind of hard to follow. I hope you're willing to try it again though because it was really good!