Sunday, August 9, 2009

Larisa's Peanut Butter Pie

I've been waiting to make this pie until we had family in town so that I wouldn't end up eating most of it myself! I love peanut butter and chocolate, but even for me this pie was a bit too heavy (not that you'd expect peanut butter and chocolate to be light and refreshing, but this is definitely a doosie). All of our guests enjoyed the pie, but several didn't finish their plates and I still had over half of the pie leftover in the freezer, which 6 missionaries courteously finished off for us. The peanut butter cream itself was smooth and not overly sweet, and both my husband and I think the flavors melded a bit better after a day or two (can flavors meld in the freezer?) Overall this recipe was a success, but for us, only to be enjoyed in small pieces. I perhaps might try this again for a holiday dessert, but its richness definitely calls for a special occasion.

I added 2 tablespoons of cream to the chocolate layer over the crust (thanks for the suggestion Danielle) which worked nicely to soften the layer into more of a ganache. The hot fudge was decadent and delicious, although we had loads of leftover sauce; I probably could have halved the recipe and still had plenty to spare. I will definitely use the hot fudge sauce again to add to other recipes. It's so much better home-made.

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