Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Melanie W.'s Tuscaloosa Tollhouse Pie

I thought this pie was good. Really good. But not my favorite. I do like chocolate pies, but this didn't satisfy me quite the same way say a chocolate cream pie can. :)

I followed the directions exactly, except I don't keep whiskey on hand so I added a little vanilla extract instead. I thought about doing a graham cracker crust but ultimately decided I wanted to taste the "true" Baked recipe so I made their pie crust. I thought it was really good! and I'm glad I still have a disc of dough in my freezer for a future pie.

Things I would change: I probably wouldn't cover my crust halfway through baking, or at least be careful to not cover it so much. The foil partially hung over the pie so the edges didn't get nice and browned like the rest. Also, I topped the pie with chocolate chips but, like others, they just sunk straight to the bottom and they made it almost too rich. Next time I'd rather leave them out completely or add them halfway through baking so they would stay on top.

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Elise said...

Melanie was awesome and brought me a piece of her pie! It was super good, but a little overwhelming to try and eat a whole piece. Only undertake that if you usually eat ten chocolate chip cookies at once ;). And have lots and lots of milk nearby!