Saturday, November 21, 2009

Melanie W.'s Winter-Vegetable Potpie

I really like making all these recipes because it gets me to try new things and plus I don't have to worry about thinking of something to make (I'm always saying 'uh-oh, what am I going to make for dinner tonight?') But it always seems hard for me to keep up with the recipes. There esp. are many recipes from the Baked book I haven't had a chance to try yet!

This past week I decided to play a little catch-up, so sorry for all the posts.

Here is my winter-vegetable potpie. My only complaint about this is the large amount of dirty dishes it created! Not having a dishwasher, I try to avoid piles of dirty dishes. But since it was yummy and hearty, I guess it was worth it. I used all the ingredients called for, and based on some of your reviews of parsnips I only used one but would have liked more because I hardly could taste a difference between them and the carrots. I forgot to "season generously with salt and pepper" so it lacked flavor but that is easily correctable! Overall, it was a hearty dish I could keep going back to.

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