Monday, November 16, 2009

Danielle's Pasta e Fagioli

No picture. Didn't feel like it today.

This was a very good dinner. We all enjoyed it, and it'll make good leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I made a vegetarian version and left out the sausage. I'm sure it would've tasted good with the sausage, but I liked it without.

Because I left out the meat, I used only half the tomato sauce and left out some of the V8. I left the spice amounts the same, though, and even added some extra basil. It was a good balance of flavor.

I have to admit, I liked this dish but it wasn't a home run for me or anything. There aren't that many Italian-style dishes that really do it for me. But it tasted good and was healthy, so I can appreciate that.

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