Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cami's Orzo

This was really good. I like shrimp a lot more than I used to and orzo is my all time favorite pasta. I have so many orzo recipes and this will be added to the collection.

Mine didn't turn out dry but since I knew it had a tendency to be dry I poured the juices out of the tomato pan into the big pot. I also added 6oz of goat cheese. I really like Feta but I love goat cheese. I substitute it for feta any time I find them similarly priced. If you haven't tried it, you should. It is a really nice soft cheese.

The spinach held up well the next day. It made a lot so we had leftovers for a few days. I didn't think the dill was as flavorful as it could have been. I haven't cooked with dill before and maybe it was my inexperience.

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The Jayroes said...

This looks scrumptious right now! Can't wait to try it!