Friday, February 5, 2010

Calorie/Cost Counter

I thought I would make a little reference post for some of the ingredients we often find in these recipes.  Anyone can add items as they come up.  I just pulled the basics out of this recipe.  An easy reference for anything not listed is this site.  What I recommend is calculating the cost/calories of the entire recipe.  Our serving sizes will all be different so we can each divide it by the # of servings we got out of it.  Just don't let the big number of the full recipe get to you.  Also, if you identify one as low calorie or low cost make a label for it.

1 oz. cream cheese = 100, $.20
1 C flour = 400
1 C cake flour = 440
1 C shortening = 1920 (1 tbsp. = 120)
1 C sugar (brown and granulated) = 768 (1 tsp. = 16)
1 egg = 80
1 egg yolk = 63
1 egg white = 17
lemon juice = 0
1 C butter = 1600 (1 tbsp. = 100)
1 C heavy cream = 832 (1 tbsp. = 52)
1 C skim milk = 80, $.15 (based on $2.50/gal.)
1 C 1% milk = 102
1 C 2% milk = 120
1 C whole milk = 150
*salt = 0, super cheap
*baking soda = 0
*1 tsp. baking powder = 4

*I don't think it is necessary to calculate these types of things into cost or calorie, but just thought I'd throw them in there because I am a little OCD...forgive me for stating the obvious.  :)

Later I can also do a calculation of the estimated cost for each of these items.  Sorry if requesting the calories and cost ruins all the fun.  It doesn't so much for me because I will totally go for a high calorie dessert if it tastes good...I just want to be aware.  Is that backwards?  I'd like to say that I compensate by eating eating other healthy foods on that day, but it isn't happening now.  (If anyone is wondering if my new pooch is a isn't.  Will exercise soon and continue to eat sweets.  Couldn't stop if I wanted to.)  But for my next postpartum era it would be nice to have a few delectable recipes up my sleeve.

As for cost...I also don't mind spending money for a good dessert, but we will all (well almost all of us) have times that are tight so we might as well have a few good recipes on hand so we can still take pleasure.  In all honesty...if your primary concern is about calories and/or cost then I suppose Baked isn't the book for you.  But I imagine there are some lower cost/calorie items in this book and I'd just like to identify them.  If you don't want to go through the trouble then I will do it for you (unless I'm too busy...and can't promise it will be timely).


Cami said...

You are so awesome LuAnn. Thanks a bunch. I often calorie count and even when I'm not counting I like to know. I'm excited to learn more about cost calculations. You're the best! Thanks for doing this.

Kim said...

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