Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cami's Yogurt

This was a total flop for me. I have heard of people making yogurt in their crockpots and I thought this would be a good idea. I used the Good Eats recipe but changed the cook times to the crockpot recipe. This resulted in thicker milk like substance, but not quite yogurt. It just didn't thicken up. So, I tried cooking it a little longer which resulted in a tan colored mess that didn't look or taste like yogurt. It was more like spoiled milk. A total flop. I do want to try again, but if anyone has tips for making yogurt, please pass them along!

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Karen said...

Just catching up on your delish blog while Laina is sleeping and Kins is playdohing...I made yogurt a few times in my crockpot. It was definitely soupier than I would have liked. I mainly used it in smoothies or with granola over it. I couldn't give it to Kins because it was just too messy. We couldn't finish it fast enough (the recipe was for half a gallon of milk), so I gave up and went back to store bought.