Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Great Chili?

Greetings to all you makers of delicious food!

I could use some help getting a great chili recipe. I'm doing a family birthday party soon and need to feed 11 people dinner. I have some chili recipes that are fine but I'm still on a quest for a chili recipe I really resonate with.

Does anyone have a chili recipe they love that they'd be willing to share?

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Whitney said...

Maren, I don't have time to post it now, but if you're interested, I could email it to you. It's my grandma's recipe and it's a traditional chili but sweeter and has a really good taste - kidney beans, ground beef, onion, green pepper, etc. It's a family favorite. My email is whitneyhale{at}gmail{dot}com if you're interested.