Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Danielle's Southern Biscuits

These were delicious! I tried some with poached eggs (my new favorite way to eat eggs) and some with butter and maple syrup. With eggs was good, but with butter and maple syrup was fantastic. I think I liked them better than pancakes with syrup. These might be a new go-to breakfast food for me.

I halved the recipe since it was just the two of us eating. I just used a glass to punch out my biscuits, and the diameter may have been more than 3" (not by much, though, I don't think), but I only got 3.5 biscuits! I wished I'd made the whole recipe. Maybe I didn't roll them out thin enough... Although it ended up being plenty for both of us. We were pretty full.

Does anyone have an opinion on how well these keep? I only wanted to make as much as we would eat that night because I've never had a leftover biscuit that I thought still tasted good. Cami, you said Calder had these for breakfast and lunch the next day. Did you try any of the biscuits the next day? How were they?


Maren said...

I'd say my leftovers were fine, but not great. Next time I'm going to toast them to crisp and warm them up a bit--that might help.

Cami said...

Yeah, I don't think these were the best the next day. They were fine warmed up with butter and honey but it wasn't something to write home about.

I've since discovered Calder loves rolls and biscuits even if they are dry, so his palate may not be the best measuring tool. But lucky for me.