Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuscaloosa Tollhouse Pie

I have to apologize...I completely dropped the ball on posting yesterday. Sorry about that.

So, the recipe of choice this week is the Tuscaloosa Tollhouse Pie, found on page 98 of the Baked cookbook. Any suggestions of what to substitute for the whiskey?

Yet another apology...I have been sick all day so I'm going to pass on counting calories; also, making anything sweet sounds really awful right now so it may be a while before I actually post my results. Yay for the flu!


Cami said...

I've heard maple syrup and vanilla (together) make a good substitute or whiskey.

Cami said...

Ooh, I also just found where you can substitute one part vanilla extract plus two parts water for each tablespoon of whiskey. Whiskey is not sweet and maple syrup is, so I can see where this second option makes more sense.